’cause honestly, I can’t think of a better title. 😛

I whipped this headband up in about 2.65 minutes yesterday using the tutorial from Kelly Hicks Design. Fashion Friday DIY. I love it.

I used the left over fabric from this skirt.
And, this is pretty much awesome. I had some lace with big holes through the center (I think you’re supposed to put ribbon through it) and I simply strung it onto some Christmas tree beads I bought at a yard sale for 25cents a box. It didn’t even need a clasp- just twist the beads together!
My sister and I have decided it is the cutest thing ever for costing pennies and taking very little time.
I’m looking forward to Friday and the weekend, how about you?

2 thoughts on “|~ Headband and Necklace…”

  1. I love your talent! You are such an inspiration as a young, hip, modest young woman. Glad to have come across you, and looking forward to trying out some of your designs sometime. Unfortunately I'm not a sewer yet in this season of life..so maybe something premade!?!

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