Happy Monday, y’all! Yesterday was wonderful- church in the morning, babyshower in the afternoon! I wore this until almost 6 o’clock- it’s so comfortable!

Even the shoes, which I wore up into the woods for a bit. 😛 The sermon was on Philippians 1:27,28 (emphasis mine):

“Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy
of the gospel of Christ
. Then, whether I come and see you or only hear
about you in my absence, I will know that you stand firm in the one Spirit, striving together as one for the faith of the gospel without being frightened in any way by those who oppose you.”

The three points were humble unity,  cooperative toil,  and steadfast courage. Sound doctrine should unite our minds, and humility connects our spirits to each other in the body of Christ. We are to strive together, for one purpose, in a manner worthy of the gospel. For the faith and all that faith includes~ believing, worshiping, living rightly. So that by our manner we may show the gospel.

This community focused living and interacting is so important. Correct me if I’m wrong, but no where in the Bible does it talk about our individuality specifically. Instructions to Christians are always in the context of other believers, of family, church, tribe, nation. None of this “It’s just me and God” stuff.

However, we can’t really minister effectively or expect others to mature in their understanding of Christ if we ourselves are not personally doing so. Joy cannot spill over the top of my cup onto others if my Source is not flowing into me.

I needed to hear that. I love the term “cooperative toil”. It gives such an aura of the Body of Christ working together. Striving with one another, for one another, for others, for a purpose. Toil isn’t called toil for nothing. It’s hard, it’s work, it’s hot and sticky and bug bite-y and not always jolly. But we do it, and we do it together. For the sake of the furtherance of the faith. In a manner worthy of the gospel. I’m preaching to myself here, because I always seem to think that if something’s the right thing to do, God will make it easy. Unfortunately, usually it’s the opposite. God is good and His mercy endures forever. 🙂

I wore a sundress yesterday. My grandparents bought me this dress at JCPenny’s several years ago and it’s been great. I put my Halftee and this brown skirt underneath to make it modest. 🙂 Hat from Macy’s, shoes from Payless. Pretty easy! I think it works well because the two layering pieces are the same color.  Hope y’all have a wonderful day!

What was your sermon about?

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21 thoughts on “Sundress + Cooperative Toil”

  1. I notice that you seem to be wearing a hat in all your Sunday pictures. Is this a conviction of your family/church? From what I've gathered from your blog, I surmise that you are Reformed Presbyterian. I attended a RP church for several years. A lot of the women there wore hats or some form of head covering on Sundays.

    1. It's a personal conviction of mine held since before we came to our current church, where most of the women wear them. Our previous church was also Reformed Presbyterian, but I was the only one wearing a hat. 🙂 My dad told us girls that wearing a headcovering is our own decision. 🙂 Hope that answers your question! I have been meaning to do a Q&A post answering this one for a while because I get it all the time! 😛

  2. That outfit is SO cute!!! I love the hat too, but I was just thinking a fedora hat might go nicely with the dress as well, but then I don't know if it would go with the shoes….anyways, I absolutely love this outfit. 🙂

    1. Thanks! You're so right! I had a hard time deciding which hat to wear, fedora or newsboy, newsboy or fedora… and finally decided to go with the newsboy because I wear the fedora a lot. 😛

  3. Super cute! The skirt and shirt go perfectly together!
    Those verses are wonderful. Thanks for posting them!


  4. you look so Radiant! 🙂

    When I saw it, I thought it was a whole dress in itself, halftee, skirt and all!

    It really suits you.

    Oh dear, I wish I had a newsboy cap!

    I feel so ashamed to tell you that……… I forgot what our sermon was about 🙁

    After all, Church was 2 days ago for me 🙂
    Let me assure you, I did listen to the sermon, I wasn't twiddling my thumbs 🙂

  5. You look lovely! I love what you said about the church working together. It is SO SO SO true. We as a church body need to stick together. It isn't about just us.

  6. you are so pretty and look great in any outfit! i love that summer dress, though if i were wearing it i'd have nothing under it 🙂
    your blog is beautiful…love what you're doing!

  7. Cute outfit! I am curious what you do with your hair. It always looks so pretty when you wear it down. Do you curl it? Or is it naturally curly?

  8. I love reading your blog and getting fashion ideas from your outfits! 🙂 I love how you layer your halftees so nicely with different things, so I decided to order one today and try them for myself. Can't wait for it to get here! 🙂

  9. I used this method (the skirt under dress) the other day for church, because the dress was almost above my knee, and no one even knew that it was a skirt!

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